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28 April 2014 @ 11:45 pm
Development of the ratings for the TV series House M.D.  
The following graphs were created by me. http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/5v3pibi6stgyrqplckoxhtdfbus3gy3m/

Sources for informations in order to create the graphs: www.tvbythenumbers.com, www. tvseriesfinale.com, www. Wikipedia.com, www. DWDL.de, www. Quotenmeter.de, www. kress.de, RTL, FOX, www.drhouseforum.de, www.bbm.ca

For the ratings on FOX (USA) I used the numbers for the 18 - 49 years old viewers / demographics.
The pictures are thumbnails. Click on them and they get bigger and easier to read.

House MD on FOX seasons ratings development (average number of viewers per episode within the season)

House MD on FOX viewership ratings development (entire series)

House MD demographics for FOX (USA) & RTL (Germany)

House MD viewership development on FOX (USA), GlobalTV (Canada) & RTL (Germany) in the demographics

House MD on Fox (USA), GlobalTV, RTL, France viewership ratings development (S6-S8)

Dr. House RTL (Germany) ratings percentage complete series in the 14 - 49 (years old viewers) demographics

Dr. House RTL (Germany) ratings viewers complete series in the 14 - 49 (years old viewers) demographics

Please feel free to discuss and interpret the ratings in the comment section below!