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12 October 2014 @ 02:33 am
Dark Angel series timeline & background informations  
You can find it here http://eyes-only-net.dreamwidth.org/ & there eyes-only-net.livejournal.com/317.html

Dark Angel series timeline & background informations


Created by the events in the series and the informations provided by the official books to the series:

Dark Angel: Before the Dawn (2002), Dark Angel: Skin Game (2003) & Dark Angel: After the Dark (2003) written by Max Allan Collins

Dark Angel: The Eyes Only Dossier (2003) written by D.A. Stern

I highly recommend every fan of Dark Angel to read the books! I consider them as secondary series canon since they are based on the ideas the producers had for season 3, which we sadly didn’t get.




Logan Cale was born on November 11, 1988



Max was born



May 17th: FOX ends the second season of Dark Angel promising a third season & then cuts it, replacing it with Firefly (which only lasted for one season)



May 17th: DA fans rally for the first Barcode Day



February: Jack's murder triggers an escape attempt & Max (9 years old) escaped Manticore &
starts to live with the Barrets (Lucy)

June 1st, 12:05pm: Terrorists detonate an electromagnetic pulse that turns the US into a third world country overnight while Logan was on his uncle’s yacht with a lady friend (Daphne?)

Max leaves the Barrets short after the pulse



October: TPFP got shut down by Mayor Rene Beltran

Max (10 years old) lives in Los Angeles Griffith Park



July: TPFP opens again



a severe Earthquake hits LA



Max (13 years old) moves out of Griffith Park and lives with Moody and the Chinese Clan in the CHINESE THEATRE in Hollywood



Logan must have gotten his (masters?) degree from Yale around that time at the latest

June: Logan Works for The Pacific Free Press, Nathan Herrero is still active

Logan’s email-addresses:





Asha's mother Margaret Curran is missing

Divorces from Valerie?

October: Logan still works for TPFP,



April: Logan still works for TPFP, Nathan Herrero disappears,

Logan creates Eyes Only



Logan works with Max's brother Seth?



The series starts:

Max (19 years old) leaves Los Angeles and travels to Seattle to search for Seth. Meets Original Cindy in EUREKA, CALIFORNIA,

Max first crosses paths with Logan, joins the Informant Net & learns that 11 of her siblings escaped as well



February 25th: Penny/Tinga disappears (written on the milk box episode 1.19) Max & three siblings attempt to destroy Manticore & Max is recaptured

3 months later: Max escapes & helps broadcast the location of Manticore's new base then returns to free all the soldiers at the base
October 21st: Death of Rachel Berrisford (written on the gravestone episode 2.11)



Close to nine months are passing between 2.01 “Designate This” & 2.21 “Freak Nation” (extrapolated from Gem’s pregnancy, which is a result of Manticore’s breeding programme)

Transgenics & transhumans set up shop in Terminal City & rescue
their comrades out from under the noses of cops & Feds


Please add the things I missed in the comment section below!

How old was Logan as his parents died? 

I have read somewhere that someone created a floor plan of Logan’s penthouse. Is this plan still online available and where can I find it?