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28 August 2017 @ 02:15 am
Can someone please help us find the video clips/articles? I already did some research but ended up empty handed.
Recently we had discussions regarding House MD on Twitter.
Now we are looking for the original sources to the following statements:

RSL once said that Lisa Edelstein couldn't act tired if she stayed up for three days.

And this one https://twitter.com/Ginger_1982/status/901827783793442817/photo/1

Thank you in advance.
05 February 2017 @ 12:58 am
 www.ipetitions.com/petition/petition-to-keep-the-imdb-messageboards-going Petition to keep the IMDB messageboards going  
03 December 2015 @ 06:25 pm
If you could ask God any one question, what would it be? (If you don't believe in a higher deity of any kind, just assume one existed for the purposes of this question.) What would you hope to receive as an answer to that question?
Why are you so cruel?
16 November 2015 @ 11:45 pm
Here's the [H]ouseMD video, which I have created for the 10th anniversary https://www.dropbox.com/s/6s4rzme30znw9rd/%5BH%5DouseMD%2010th%20anniversary%20video.mp4?dl=0 The song I used for it is 'Words' by 'F.R. David' #HouseMD

https://www.dropbox.com/s/wdjhmcpbuv4ahq3/%5BH%5DouseMD-PerfectDay_HQ.mp4?dl=0 Music: "Perfect Day" by "Lou Reed" performed by Hugh Laurie & the Copper Bottom Band #HouseMD

https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ntwljdtborc4ci/House-Thinking%20Of%20You.mp4?dl=0 " Thinking Of You" by "MS MR" #HouseMD

https://www.dropbox.com/s/g5ilbw541zow0w4/House-Guess%20I%20am%20a%20Fool%20%28final%20version%29.mp4?dl=0 "Guess I am a Fool" performed by Hugh Laurie & the Copper Bottom Band #HouseMD

Legal disclaimer:
No copyright infringement is intended.
I don't earn any money with this videos!
I don't own the rights on the used video material and the music used in the videos.
The rights belong to David Shore, NBCU, Fox, Shorez productions, Heal and Toe productions, Bad Hat Harry productions, Warner Bros. Records, Hugh Laurie, Lizzy Plapinger, Max Hershenow, Smi Col (SonyMusic) and probably a few other people and institutions. 
14 August 2015 @ 01:50 am
Who is your favorite movie/TV/cartoon character of all time? Why? What is the special significance of that character to you?
My favorite TV character of all time is Dr. Gregory House from the TV show House M.D.! He is like a soulmate for me.